Interwoven Souls Coalition

We learned we were expecting twins on February 14, 2008, just moments after we learned that Carol was 9 cm dilated, and nothing could be done to stop labor at 18 weeks and 6 days gestation. With no complications throughout the pregnancy, with this news our lives were changed forever. We welcomed Cale Jonathan first; he was alive for 15 minutes, weighing 8 oz and measuring 8 1/2 cm in length. His features clearly resembled his father's. After Cale died, Nathan Lee was born and lived for 19 minutes. He was bigger than his brother, weighing 9 oz and measuring 9 cm in length. Although their similarities were noticeable, Nathan's frame was leaner and he looked more like his mother. Both Cale and Nathan resembled their big sister Hannah, who they had more in common with than just looks - they all share a birthday - Hannah turned 2 that day.

We immediately started our search for answers to explain how this miracle of twins could have been taken away from us without any warning. Our doctors (who we believe are truly the best of the best) simply did not have any absolute conclusions. Time after time we heard, "because there were two." This answer is to date the best there is to offer a family in our situation, but to us it is not good enough. Our hope is that the donations given to this organization will be used to advance medical research so that a family in our situation get to hear the sweet laughter of their children's voices.